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EightySixd Industries is a top source for diesel and powersport needs. We provide a number of turbos and turbo kits for Ford Powerstroke pickups, Ski-Doo ETEC snowmobiles, Polaris RZR side-x-sides along with many more vehicles. Keep an eye on our website as we add the best turbo performance kits, snowmobile parts and diesel parts you can buy.

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH - Located in the Salt Lake City area? Then contact us for all our services offered for Ford pickups and all snowmobile makes and models.

Diesel Brothers - Super Six

Eightysixd Industries has been Salt Lake City's top Ford ONLY performance shop. Proof is when reality TV show "Diesel Brothers" called needing help on their build "Super Six." After many Ford dealers and other private shops tried to diagnosis the no start with no luck, Derek was called in for his help on figuring this beast out. No less then 5 minutes later a true diagnosis was found. After Diesel Brothers swapped in a stock motor to make it to SEMA, Eightysixd Industries was called upon to build the new 6.4L motor for the Mega build "Super Six." Eightysixd used many of their custom parts, along with many other manufacturers to build the ultimate 6.4L. Even though this 6.4L is a true one off, cranked up near 700HP, it still has a warranty backed performance motor installed.

Check out Eightysixd Industries for your Ford Motor needs. Whether it's a stock truck or up to a full on build, we got you covered.

Ford Powerstroke Diesel Turbo Kits / Parts

Ford Powerstroke
Diesel Parts / Turbo Kits

The Ford Powerstroke engine helped keep ford as a leader in the light duty diesel truck market. EightySixd Industries has owned, re-built and upgraded numerous Powerstrokes and over the years has developed some bolt on products to help get even more diesel performance out of your Ford Powerstroke. From simple products like replacement fuel springs to a complete diesel turbo kit, we have the products to optimize your diesel engine.

Fuel Pressure Springs • EGR Cooler Delete Kit • Compressor Housing

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Snowmobile Turbo Kits

Turbo Kits / Parts

EightySixd Industries is a partnered company with Attitude Industries to bring some of the best snowmobile turbo kits to the market. With all the companies we work with we can supply you with the best turbo kits on the market no matter what you ride. With our new line of turbo kits, we are your number one Turbo Kit supplier in the industry. Since we work with our manufactures so closely, we also provide technical support for their turbo kits so you can just deal with one company for tech, warranty, fueling questions and clutching. This makes it easier for you to make sure your kit is running at its best with just one phone call. And you can order different kits for various sleds from one place. Kits will be updated as they come available.

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EightySixd Diesel Boost-Octane Boost-Fuel Tabs

Fuel / Diesel Performance
Better Fuel Mileage / Octane Boost

EightySixd Octane Boost - The EightySixd Octane Boost was developed to fit our needs for our high performance engines and turbo needs. You can find octane boost at local gas stations and part stores, but they never say how much they really add. EightySixd Octane Boost will take 92 octane to 99.5 octane.

EightySixd Fuel Tabs - The EightySixd Fuel Tabs can improve your fuel mileage, lower emissions and help extend the life of your engine. The best part about the EightySixd Fuel Tabs though is about how easy they store in your vehicle and there's no liquid pouring and no measuring. You have to try these out!

EightySixd Diesel Boost - EightySixd Diesel Boost is a cost-effective way to improve fuel economy, lower emissions, remove black soot, and extend the useful life of engine components.

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